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PM + Sleep & Calm Mind

PM + Sleep & Calm Mind

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Product Type: Vitamine Brand: Life Botanics Premium Quality Product
Product Description
PM + Sleep & Calm Mind



Lavender and Passionflower reduce and relieve disturbed and restless sleep, and soothe and calm the nerves and the mind. They also relieve tension and unrest.


Magnesium maintains and supports muscle relaxation, muscle function, healthy muscle contraction function, healthy neuromuscular system and function, nervous system health and nervous system function. It also maintains and supports bone health, supports cardiovascular system health, and supports energy production.


Lavender Oil

magnesium amino acid chelate

Equivalent: magnesium

magnesium citrate

Equivalent: magnesium

magnesium glycinate

Equivalent: magnesium

Matricaria chamomilla flower Extract dry concentrate

Equivalent: Matricaria chamomilla (Dry)

Passiflora incarnata flower Extract dry concentrate

Equivalent: Passiflora incarnata (Dry)

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